Government Relations

Government Relations

Utilizing our experience, relationships and solutions-based approach at the federal, state and local levels of government

If government relations was simple, clients wouldn’t need us. Hard work, strong relationships, experience and a sound strategy are what our government relations team brings with them to all issues. From state and local lobbying to regulatory agency representation and business-to-government consulting, Capital Results can help your organization navigate through the intersection of government and business.

State & Local Government Lobbying

Our lobbying team has consistently achieved outstanding results for our clients on a wide range of issues. Our approach to lobbying is simple. First, we have trusting relationships with key officials on both sides of the aisle. Second, we use our experience to figure out the best means to achieve an objective. Third, we have an unparalleled work ethic. We will not be out-hustled. And when lobbying isn’t enough, we can integrate our public relations, grassroots and other strategic communications techniques to get our clients the results they want.

50-State Government Affairs

With decades of experience managing government affairs across all 50 states, our firm offers a comprehensive suite of services to help companies monitor, strategize, manage and succeed in legislative and regulatory arenas. We provide thorough statutory and regulatory research to startups and established companies launching new services or products that will effectively identify barriers and opportunities. We assist companies in developing comprehensive strategies to create statutory and regulatory frameworks to facilitate business growth and manage and implement these strategies through our network of outstanding state lobbyists. For some clients, Capital Results serves as a de facto government affairs department for clients — in close coordination with company leadership.

National Association Advocacy

The wholesale approach works. A number of national organizations bring together elected officials from across the country in a single forum. This is an efficient way to reach a lot of key decision-makers in a short amount of time and manage similar issues across many states. We represent Fortune 500 corporations and associations with issues of interest to national attorneys general associations and national governors associations. Because of the many relationships we have built with key elected officials and their staffs over the years, we are positioned to deal with challenging issues effectively in this environment.

Government Procurement

Grow your bottom line. Doing business with government requires an understanding of the process, relationships with key players, the ability to communicate with decision makers and a strategic approach. We regularly navigate both the traditional procurement process as well as public-private partnerships. And once the government contract is secured, our role continues by working to ensure that the relationship between the client and the contracting governmental entity is on solid footing and that the contract is poised for renewal when the time comes.

Regulatory Agency Representation

Create conditions to succeed. Regulatory agencies make decisions with significant consequences to many organizations. Dealing with them in a thoughtful and strategic manner can be the difference between success and failure for a business or industry. By understanding the issues, integrating our public relations and grassroots capabilities as needed, and using our network of relationships, we have helped a variety of clients achieve favorable outcomes from regulatory agencies at all levels of government. Our experience in this area includes a number of issues before state public service commissions, local zoning boards, health departments, transportation agencies and environmental agencies.

Licensing & Permitting

Navigate the licensing and permitting processes of starting a business or operating an industry is not for the faint-hearted. The often long process interweaves technical requirements and political considerations which requires companies a well thought plan before they seek approval. Capital Results helps clients develop that plan, identify potential obstacles and points of resistance and then uses its knowledge of the process, relationships with decision makers and influencers and its experience on similar projects to successfully obtain the license or permit sought.


Companies, associations and organizations from across a wide spread of industries have come to value, appreciate and in some cases depend on the experience and expertise of Capital Results in meeting their public affairs objectives. While we work in a wide range of sectors, don’t think that our knowledge of each is thin. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ issues, and take the time to become experts on industry-specific laws, policies and regulations. It’s the only way to offer the best advice and implement the best strategies to get the results our clients expect. It’s also what keeps us sharp, and ensures that we aren’t just recipients of information, but rather providers of information. After all, we aren’t much help to our clients any good if they are the ones with all of the information. Whether your sector is energy, healthcare, transportation or something else, learn how you can benefit from having Capital Results on your team.

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