Our clients span many sectors of the economy and our work for them has been seen across the country.

Companies, associations and organizations from across a wide spread of industries have come to value, appreciate and in some cases depend on the experience and expertise of Capital Results in meeting their public affairs objectives. While we work in a wide range of sectors, don’t think that our knowledge of each is thin. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ issues, and take the time to become experts on industry-specific laws, policies and regulations. It’s the only way to offer the best advice and implement the best strategies to get the results our clients expect. It’s also what keeps us sharp, and ensures that we aren’t just recipients of information, but rather providers of information. After all, we aren’t much help to our clients if they are the ones with all of the information. Whether your sector is energy, healthcare, transportation or something else, learn how you can benefit from having Capital Results on your team.


Beneath the ground, under water, in the air, across states – our energy work has taken us far and our experience has delivered results.

Our team’s experience and expertise extends to nearly every sector of the energy industry. From the generation, distribution and transmission of electricity to the production and transport of energy fuels, we help our clients manage the intense political and regulatory environment of today’s energy industry. Our past and present clients include Fortune 500 natural gas production and pipeline companies, electric utilities, coal and uranium mining companies and interstate electric transmission companies.

We harness our expertise in the complex world of energy regulation and our skill at communicating with key stakeholder groups to ensure that our clients achieve their core business objectives and establish positive reputations in the communities in which they operate.

Our team has provided government relations services and strategic communications guidance to companies seeking federal and state approval for interstate linear infrastructure projects, and federal and state permitting of major mining operations and electric generation facilities. We’ve shepherded companies in nearly every energy sector through the ever-intensifying world of regulation and public relations.


In transportation policy, getting from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’ is never simple; but we help companies and associations do just that.

Whether we’re helping trucking companies and associations achieve sensible state and federal transportation policy or assisting Fortune 500 companies in the development of critical transportation infrastructure, Capital Results offers our clients a deep and broad expertise in the transportation industry.

From our vast network of relationships with state and federal agencies, we play a critical role in helping our clients build and operate the transportation infrastructure of the 21st Century. We also capitalize on our innovative approach to public relations strategy to mobilize public support in favor of sensible, modern transportation policies that enable shippers to deliver the goods to consumers across the country in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner.

Our firm has provided strategic communications and government affairs guidance to several leading companies that are responsible for developing our nation’s world class port and rail infrastructure. We have helped major transportation firms navigate the complex world of public-private partnerships, and we have proudly spearheaded communications and legislative strategies to secure funding for critically important transportation infrastructure in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Retail & Development

Developers are some of the most visionary people we work with, and we work to make their vision become reality. Residential, commercial, retail, mixed use – we’ve done it all.

Building major residential and commercial development is not as easy as it once was. Yet in our consumer-driven economy, the development of our cities, suburbs and even rural areas has never been more critically important for progress and economic opportunity.

In today’s day and age, developers have to navigate a complex web of permitting requirements, public hearings, political sensitivities and the increasingly challenging world of community opposition. We focus our efforts on successfully tackling these challenges so our clients can focus on developing the cities, towns and communities of the 21st Century.

Our firm provides strategic communications and government affairs guidance to some of the largest retail developers in the world, as well as the residential and commercial developers that are responsible for the revitalization of the City of Richmond and communities across Virginia.

Over the years, our team has cultivated a vast network of relationships with local government officials and influential thought leaders throughout Virginia, and we build on those relationships to bring our clients’ visionary development projects to a successful completion.


In the rapidly changing world of technology, being able to adapt is critical to those in this industry. Making sure the policies to facilitate that adaptation are in place is what we do.

From automotive and information technology to telecommunications and internet services, our team helps guide the communications and government affairs strategies of some of the largest technological innovators in the global economy.

Our firm has spent more than a decade helping some of the largest telecommunications and internet services companies in the world establish proactive, robust public affairs footprints in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Through our strategic guidance, relationship building and creative approach to communications, we have helped these clients build the foundation for sound public policies and establish beneficial and influential relationships with Virginia’s most influential policymakers and business leaders.

Through strategic communications and government affairs, our team has also assisted leading innovators in crafting some of the most cutting-edge public policies in the country to facilitate the emergence of new technologies. By harnessing the power of compelling storytelling, coalition building and imaginative approaches to government affairs, we have helped to shift paradigms and create the necessary public policy space for technological innovators to thrive.


Few industries affect as many people as healthcare, and we help players in all aspects of this field shape policies to keep people – and their organization – healthy.

Our firm’s experience and knowledgebase in healthcare encompasses nearly every sector of the industry – from pharmaceutical manufacturing and benefits management to health insurance and major hospital systems.

On behalf of some of the largest pharmaceutical companies, benefits managers and health insurers in the country, our government affairs team has been intimately involved in the development of some of the most monumental federal and state healthcare policies enacted over the last decade.

We not only maintain a vigilant focus on protecting the interests of our clients in shaping healthcare policy, we also invest an enormous amount of time and energy in understanding this ever-changing landscape so we can assist our clients in adjusting to new realities and continuing to meet their core business objectives.

Our team has also successfully guided several major hospital systems through the Certificate of Public Need (COPN) process required to build new facilities and expand their service offerings, in addition to providing ongoing communications guidance to help hospital systems establish constructive relationships in the communities in which they operate.

Food, Beverage & Agriculture

Regulations on our nation’s food, beverages and agribusinesses are some of the most stringent. Whether they start with an egg, a drop of water or a seed, we assist our clients succeed in that environment.

Regardless of how beneficial they are for our nation’s economy and consumers around the globe, no industry is immune to the challenges of the modern regulatory and political environment.

On behalf of some of the largest and most profitable food, beverage and agribusiness companies in the world, our firm keeps a close watch on emerging regulations, consumer trends and public opinions to make sure our clients stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the realities of the modern marketplace. Our vigilant and proactive approach to shaping public policy has allowed our clients in this industry to successfully confront some of the most adverse regulation and political challenges faced by any industry in the last decade.

Our work for these industries has spanned from directing strategic communications related to major international free trade agreements and creative national social media campaigns to multi-state lobbying and grassroots advocacy initiatives. In part because of our hard work and continuous efforts, consumers across the country and around the globe have access to some of the most cutting-edge, environmentally sustainable products in the marketplace.

Financial & Professional Services

Service industries face stiff competition and regularly face challenges associated with changing regulations. Representing individual businesses and industry associations before governmental bodies and the public are some of the professional services we offer.

Financial lending institutions are the backbone of the U.S. economy. They provide the financing and assurance that businesses and consumers need to grow and realize their dreams. Despite the enormous benefit it provides to society, the financial sector is one of the most tightly regulated and scrutinized industries in the country. Our firm provides the strategic communications and government affairs guidance financial institutions need to remain competitive in the modern regulatory environment.

Whether we’re capitalizing on our deep bank of relationships with federal and state policymakers or communicating the importance of the industry through creative media and community relations, our team keeps a vigilant focus on shaping sound public policies for the financial sector and promoting the benefits the industry offers to our society.

Our firm has organized and managed trade associations for the lending industry in Virginia, and successfully mobilized these organizations to maintain a competitive regulatory environment in the Commonwealth. Our formidable government affairs team has defeated numerous attempts to impose harmful regulations on the industry, and helped craft major legislation that enables the industry to operate in a sustainable, competitive marketplace.


We recognize that it’s the non-profit organizations in our communities that make the world more interesting and compassionate. While these clients are helping to meet the needs of others, we help meet their needs.

Our firm understands the enormously positive role that non-profit organizations play in enriching our communities, educating the next generation of leaders, preserving our cultural and historic landmarks and protecting our precious environmental resources.

Over the years, we have provided public relations, strategic communications and government relations guidance to some of the leading non-profits in Virginia. We leverage our relationships with media, policymakers and corporate stakeholders to help our non-profit clients elevate their profiles in the community, achieve their public policy goals and advance their core fundraising objectives.

Through our work in the non-profit sector, we have provided strategic guidance and achieved successful outcomes for community college systems, performing arts foundations, environmental groups and one of the leading organizations dedicated to preserving Virginia’s historic and cultural resources.

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